Sloan-Taylor Rabinor

Dance, Pilates, Fitness

Sloan-Taylor grew up and trained in Phoenix, Arizona. At the age of 17, she won her first national title, and her dance career continued to grow. Sloan’s love for dance took her to Los Angeles in 2009.   Starting out fresh in a new place Sloan’s ability took her straight to the top, a spot as a backup dancer for Lady Gaga’s iconic performance on the 2009 VMA’s.  In that performance, Sloan is seen as the wild one in the famous “wheelchair moment”. Dancing backup for Lady Gaga Sloan has recently completed her third world tour, dancing in ‘The Artpop Ball’, ‘Born this Way Ball’, and ‘Monsterball”. She has also had the opportunity to perform with Justin Bieber, Gwen Stefani and Selena Gomez, among others.

Outside of dance, Sloan’s second love is fitness and healthy living. In between tours she has received 2 yoga certification as well as 2 Pilates certification. After finishing the last tour, she was lucky enough to train Lady Gaga in both yoga and Pilates. Most recently Sloan became a certified holistic health coach. Eventually her goal is to have a life where both her passions are being filled to the absolute maximum. Sloan currently teaches at both locations of  Love for Pilates and XO Fitness.