Nora Tobin

Fitness, Nutrition

Nora is a Health & Fitness Consultant to 5-Star hotels, Wilhelmina model and editor for premium publishers. Nora is certified as a Performance Enhancement Specialist, Nutrition Specialist and CPT. She is also certified in advanced scuba, cliff, helicopter, zodiac and river rescue.

She has hosted numerous wellness and influencer events for brands including Shape Magazine, Eddie Bauer, GoPro, Roxy and Fabletics.  Nora has worked with thousands of people to improve their overall wellbeing through fitness, nutrition and positive mindset.

Tahoe born and bred, her adventures have taken her ski mountaineering and rock climbing peaks. She has competed on the AVP, CBVA and Corona Wide Open beach volleyball tours.

Nora combines her experience and education with a positive, energetic approach to deliver a sustainable effective wellness program.