Michael Morelli

Fitness, Nutrition

Michael Morelli, CPT, RKC, OPT and CF-L1 Trainer, is the creator of HIIT MAX™ and one of the best selling digital online fat burning programs for weight loss. He has also created a custom meal planning service to help people reach their potential through diet. He is currently writing a book, The Sweet Potato Diet, to simplify carb-cycling in an effort to make fat loss and long term health accessible to everyone. He has built a community of over 4 million Instagram followers (on all of his channels), 110,000 Periscope followers, has helped over 300,000 people transform through his programs Fast Start Fat Loss, 7-Day Detox Drop and more!

Michael once lived an unhealthy lifestyle before finding whole foods, carb-cycling, and HIIT workouts. The lifestyle that transformed him is the one he continues to share with his clients. Now his social media reaches over 4 million followers across all platforms and his ever expanding line of digital products, as well as his Primal Body supplement line, allows people from all over the world to participate in a healthy lifestyle. While he continues to build new programs and reach new audiences, Michael continues to lead with transparency, trust, honesty, and integrity.