Melissa Costello

Transformation Eating, Holistic Nutrition

Melissa Costello is a Holistic nutritionist, Author, Speaker, Cleanse Expert and Transformational Eating Coach.  Her years of work as a private, plant-based chef organically led her to work with her clients on a much deeper level when she recognized the struggles they had with consistent, healthy eating and sustainable weight loss. Her mission is to empower women to stop the vicious struggle with yo-yo dieting and their bodies. She employs her SMART Food System to help her clients overcome emotional eating and experience freedom with food, so they can feel amazing in their bodies without depriving themselves.

Melissa’s in-depth training in Spiritual Psychology, Clinical Nutrition and holistic coaching along with her own personal journey with emotional eating and body dysmorphia, provides the foundation for her clients to experience powerful breakthroughs and sustainable, profound transformation.  To learn more about Melissa’s coaching, books and cleanses, visit