BEFIT 30 DAY 6 PACK ABS Fitness System



30 Day 6 Pack Abs is an intense, ab-defining 30 day system that is designed to burn fat, build muscle and definition in the abs and obliques, and strengthen the core while simultaneously toning the back, arms, chest, and shoulders to build a lean, sexy body. Join 30 Day 6 Pack Abs Trainers, Scott Herman, and Sarah Fit as they weigh in on the exclusive new program and provide a glimpse into what is in store for you and how to get the results that you are looking for. Prepare to sweat and feel the burn in those abdominals as these professional, no-nonsense trainers whip your abs into shape and banish belly fat with this exclusive 30 day system from BeFiT!

10 Complete Workout Videos

  • Ab Cardio Workout 1- Amrap (9 min): Turn up the burn as you Incinerate fat and uncover lean abs with this plyometric cardio workout.
  • Ab Cardio Workout 2- Circuit Training (11 min): Be your best and get ready to obliterate fat with this circuit routine that blends plyometric exercise with ab-sculpting strength moves for slim & sexy results from top to bottom.
  • Ab Cardio Workout 3- Fat-Burn (9 min): Get ready to sweat with this high-intensity cardio endurance workout that features 4 fierce circuits that combine strength, cardio and agility moves for max results!
  • Ab Cardio Workout 4- Extreme Burn (6 min): Skyrocket your fat-loss potential with this explosive, total body cardio workout.
  • Ab Strength Workout 1- Shred (10 min): Chisel your midsection and sculpt muscle from head to toe with this high-intensity abdominal circuit.
  • Ab Strength Workout 2- Rock Hard (10 min): Shrink the waistline and start down the road to rock hard abs with this dynamic core-strengthening circuit.
  • Ab Power Workout – Ripped (10 min): Turn up the intensity as you build power and blast away belly fat with this ab-targeted circuit workout.
  • Ab Power Workout 2- Hard Core (10 min): Challenge the abs from every angle with this extreme fat-burning, total-body strength routine.
  • Ab Power Workout 3- Tone Up (9 min): Feel the burn as you engage the abs, burn calories and flatten the midsection fast!
  • Ab Power Workout 4- Pilates (10 min): Stabilize the core, challenge the abdominals and increase balance with this ab-focused Pilates routine.
  • Bonus: 4 Additional Ab Challenges


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