10 Things Trainers Wish You Knew (Before Starting Training)

by Lindsay Brin

Trainers are the ones that know everything about anatomy and physiology. They have the Weight Loss Blueprint to get you to your goals. But they cannot make you do it. You are in charge of dedicating the time and the money. Make it worth your while by learning these 10 things trainers wish you knew so you could hit your goals.

Things Trainers Wish You Knew

  1. 100% in = 100% out. If you aren’t fully in the game, you are not going to see those results you wanted.
  2. Education does not equal matching personalities. Find somebody you enjoy. This goes both ways.
  3. Don’t forget to take Before Measurements. Sometimes trainers are so excited to get you started they forget to take the Before Measurements. Don’t let this important piece be forgotten! You both will be so happy you have them once you hit your goals.
  4. Trainers usually go the extra mile to keep you motivated. And if yours doesn’t, fire him or her and get a new one! A lot of trainers are up by 4:00 am, so by 10:00 am they might be taxed out. If you find this to be true with your trainer, make sure you mention it.
  5. Fitness people screw up too. Not all personal trainers have squeaky-clean food journals. And they should not expect yours to be squeaky clean unless you are pursuing professional fitness areas (aka triathletes, body builders, etc.).
  6. Trainers want you to be self-sufficient. Sure they love training you, but they also want you to be fully capable of doing it on your own.
  7. You limit yourself. You can do more than you think.
  8. Nutrition is 70% of the weight-loss battle. But a lot of trainers are not certified to talk nutrition. And did you know it takes registered dietitians four years to get their degree? Don’t let just any trainer talk nutrition with you.
  9. Master Trainer—These two words sometimes do not mean a whole lot. Make sure you ask because sometimes this “Master Trainer” increases their rate 20%.
  10. Many trainers specialize in a field. Many trainers are not only certified trainers, but they have gone beyond their certification with specialty courses. For instance, if you are pregnant you should look for a trainer that specializes in prenatal exercise. Sometimes this also helps match your personality to a trainer with the same goals and thoughts!

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