Go Go Goals! 4 Quick Tips to Ensure You Meet Your Goals

by Arielle Miller Cohen

Goal setting is one of the most powerful achievements skills of all. When we set goals, we create power. As Brian Tracy states, “When we set goals we develop direction, we develop focused and channeled energy, and we accomplish more in a short time than we could accomplish in years.” A major reason people don’t set goals because people are terrified of failure and simply, people just don’t know how. After you read my quick tips, you’ll have a good on start on knowing how to meet your goals.

Regardless of how failing feels, it is essential on the path to achievement. Failure implies risk taking. And sometimes with taking risks, they don’t work out—so what? When working towards something and you fail, it’s a learning experience to catapult you forward in the next attempt in the pursuit of your goal. Think of a baby learning how to walk. How many times does an infant fall? Not get it right? Stumble? Failure is a wonderful teacher. We must remain open to what failure is trying to show us while growing us.

Goal setting is about reviving your passions and redirecting its energies with purpose. Use your strong sense of purpose while working towards your goal. It is what will keep you fueled while chasing your dreams. Let’s examine goals and goal setting more closely. Goals, in general, fall into 3 categories:

  1. Family and personal goals
  2. Business and career goals
  3. Self-improvement goals

4 Tips to Meet Your Goals

Select a goal category in your life you are interested in cultivating

Focus on an area that’s lack-luster or just not working for you. Use this opportunity to liberate yourself from a vicious cycle of misery or to elevate yourself. Address a job you dislike, write in your journal three times a week or save $10,000 to take that trip to Thailand. No goal is too big and no goal is too small. Use your sense of desire to keep your goal afloat and commit to your goal with conviction. Believe in yourself and your ability to achieve whatever it is with every fiber of your being.

Write your goal down

Until a goal resides on paper, it’s just an idea and usually a fleeting one at that. Even write down the tangible outcomes of your goal and make sure to include the fruits of your labor. How will achieving this goal positively impact your life? What is the outcome of this goal? Visualize the positive influence in your life, then write it down—give this goal a pulse and bring it to life!

Give yourself a deadline to reach your goal

Goals without finite deadlines are often lost to the abyss of procrastination or this thing called life. Put an expiration date on when your efforts will come to a head. Now, this doesn’t mean you set an unrealistic timeline either. If you are looking to lose 20 pounds of fat, hoping to do so in four weeks is not realistic.

Set yourself up for success

What is your plan to meet your goals? How are you going to actively work to tackle this goal? What are the steps you need to take to manifest this want in your life? Identify potential obstacles and prepare for them by writing them down on paper. Often times, you will find that you’ve envisioned scenarios and obstacles that don’t exist, or are in reality much smaller than initially imagined. Finally, identify people, groups and organizations whose assistance can support you in achieving your goal. Find people and others to lift you up and provide you with support.

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