6 Household Items that Can Double as Fitness Equipment

by Sydney Benner

Fitness equipment is awesome but it can get expensive and also hog up a lot of our space. I don’t want you to break the bank but I do want you to get in shape. Here are 6 household items that can double as fitness equipment!

  1. Water Bottles! I love using water bottles as my hand weights in a pinch. A couple of great exercises to do with the water bottles are bicep curls or tricep extensions.
  2. Paper Plates! You may be thinking what the heck can I do with a paper plate right? You can do SO many awesome exercises! In fitness we have a prop called Gliding Discs that create a sliding surface on the floor for you upper and lower body. So instead use paper plates! A great exercise is a take on a plank. Plant your palms in the center of the plates and the balls of your feet in the center of the plates and play around with smooth gliding movements in a plank position.
  3. Stable Kitchen Chair! This is one of my favorite household items to use because there is so much you can do with a kitchen chair. I teach a lot of barre classes in Los Angeles and most of us don’t have a ballet barre handy at home, right peeps? How fun that you can use a kitchen chair as your ballet barre.  It works great! I use the chairs in my hotel rooms the same way as well!
  4. Wall! The wall is useful for wall sits and yoga inversions. Who doesn’t love a good wall sit? Sit up against the wall like you would go to sit in a chair, squeeze your legs tightly together and within 30 seconds you will be feeling a burn. Yogis there are tons of inversions you can play with against a wall, which helps to give you the confidence and strength to do all of your inversions in the center of the room. Walls are awesome!
  5. Stairs! Do you ever remember running the stadium steps in high school? Oh my goodness what a killer cardio workout right? If you have stairs in your home or in your apartment complex you can do just that. Play around and go for speed too
  6. Your TV/Computer/iPad! Turn on your computer, iPad or your TV and head to the BeFit site or BeFit on Amazon Prime to find hundreds of workout programs to match your needs and get you moving!

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