3 High-Estrogen Foods to Avoid for Men

thomas delauer
by Thomas DeLauer

One of the worst enemies for men is high levels of estrogen. Period. In this video I’m going to give you my three high-estrogen foods to avoid for men. Avoid them at all costs if you’re trying to have the energy to stay focused in the office and in the gym. At the end, I’m going to give you a food that you can eat to help get rid of the extra estrogen.

The Risks of High-Estrogen Foods to Avoid for Men

When men have high levels of estrogen, it generally means that they have lower levels of testosterone and higher levels of what is called aromatase activity. This aromatase activity is the enzymatic conversion of androsterone and testosterone into estradiol, more commonly known as E2 or estrogen. For what it is worth, high levels of estrogen cause excess belly fat, increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol and also fatigue, causing a serious lack of drive and motivation.

Refined Sugar and Excess Carbohydrates

The first high-estrogen food to avoid for men is simply refined sugar and excess carbohydrates. The simplest way to put it is that when you eat carbohydrates and spike your insulin, you lower an important hormone called sex hormone binding globulin. This hormone is responsible for binding testosterone and estrogen, and when the hormone is too low, it leaves you with too much estrogen floating around in the bloodstream. This leads to myriad effects. Replace the carbs with healthy fats to stimulate testosterone production rather than killing it off.

Fat = Conversion to testosterone

Sugar = no binding and more estrogen

Non-Organic Dairy Products

The next food to avoid is non-organic dairy products. Now, I am not one who is against dairy, I think that it has its place in moderation. For the person who is trying to be as productive as possible, consuming too much dairy is flat out going to slow you down. Conventional milks and other dairy products contain so much in the way of medications it wreaks havoc on the system.

Research Bomb – In a study from the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Medicine and Engineering in Japan, it was found that conventional milk contains large amounts of estrogen and progesterone, and is shown to suppress gonadotropin, which suppresses testosterone.

The solution is to opt for organic milk or even goat’s milk when given the opportunity.


The last food to avoid is one you’ve probably heard talks about… and that is SOY. Soy contains something called xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens mimic estrogen in the body, but aren’t real estrogen. This throws off your body and causes you to sometimes produce even more. This happens because we are not consuming true soy. So much of the soy that we eat is genetically modified that it doesn’t have the natural benefits of some of the other potentially healthy soy out there. I work with a lot of clients that are vegetarians and they need a solution for a vegetarian protein powder, in this case I recommend pea protein.

Lastly, as promised, I want to give you a way that you can reduce estrogen in your body and help your body get rid of it easier

Eat Cruciferous Veggies to Reduce Estrogen

Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower contain a component called indole-3-carbinole that is being shown time and time again to reduce levels of estrogen in the body. These vegetables also have levels of sulfur in them which detoxify the body quite well. Not only do you reduce serum levels of estrogen within the body but you also help the body eliminate them easier. Since estrogen levels are actually highest at night and lower during the day, it’s most important to eat your big bowl of broccoli before bed.

By staying away from high-estrogen foods to avoid for men and eating estrogen-lowering food, you can help nourish your brain, your body, and your business!


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