Too cold to go outside and sweat? Try these 5 workouts on BeFit on Amazon to kick up the burn indoors!

by BeFit Fitness Genie

It is hard to get motivated to go outside and exercise or even drive to the gym when the air hurts your face and burns your lungs. But sitting in sweats on the couch watching Netflix is not going to keep you in shape for the slopes or the time when you get to shed those bulky clothes. Let’s turn up the heat with these 5 indoor workouts on BeFit on Amazon to burn calories, warm you up, and get you in incredible shape for warmer days to come.

Quick dance and abs: Join Keaira LaShae in 10 Minute Cardio Dance Abs Workout: Burn to the Beat. This high-energy, fat burning abdominal workout will have you dancing away your winter blues. This 10 Minute Cardio Dance Abs Workout will help you sculpt that booty and firm those abs in a short amount of time with quick results. s

Feel the flow: Let Sloan Rabinor guide you through the 18-minute Yogilates Flow Workout: BeFit Trainer Open House workout. This Yoga-Pilates hybrid routine introduces moves that will strengthen your core, burn fat, and sculpt your booty, legs, back, chest, shoulders, arms, and obliques.

Beginner body pump: Get pumped and ready to incinerate fat with Allie Cohen in the BeFit Trasform: 15 Min Full Body Pump Workout by doing as many reps as possible (AMRAP) in this circuit-style training challenge. This workout include electrifying plyometric moves, core work, and weight-training exercises designed to build strength, burn fat, increase stamina, and sculpt you a new body from head to toe!

Advanced total body: Once you have mastered the Beginner Body Pump get ready to HIIT It with Maddy Curly in the BeFit 301: 25 Min HIIT It Total Body Burn Workout This advanced high-intensity body sculpting workout combines strength and cardio to help burn fat while building muscle. Torch calories as you work several muscle groups at once.

Blast that booty: Denise Austin’s got your back with the Denise Austin Yoga Booty Lift. She will take you through a “zen-sational” 30-minute, fat-burning yoga workout created to target your derriere. Contour and lift your booty through yoga and barre moves. This workout comes with a bonus 10-minute arm toner as well!

If the weather outside it frightful, it’s great to have these indoor workouts as options. The great part about these exercise videos is that you can do them anywhere in your house on supported devices, such as Kindles, phones and tablets or use your TV, computer or even game consoles. Don’t let the cold keep you from your workout. Crank up the heat with these 5 workouts and stay fit!

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