Bored with Standard Fat-Loss Exercises? Try These 5 Alternative Movements to Melt Calories Quickly!

by BeFit Fitness Genie

You’ve had a great time celebrating from Thanksgiving to New Years, but you just went to button your jeans and your hips are calling out, “Top of the Muffin to You!” You want the results of your holiday eating to go away and fast. It’s time to say, “See ya later,” to both the baked goods and your new muffin top with these 5 alternative movements to melt calories quickly.


Burpees require no special equipment, and you can do them at home or the gym as part of a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout to melt fat. They also tone your core, legs and upper body.

Mountain Climbers Extension

Mountain Climbers offer a full body workout including abs, glutes, hips, and upper body. An advanced extension move can help strengthen the obliques further by bringing your knees out towards the outside of your elbow towards your shoulder.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is an excellent fat burner. Hop to it and add five 50-second sets of jumping rope into your HIIT circuit to torch fat.

If you really want some alternative exercises, consider these two winter-friendly fat-torching sports:

Ice Skating

Baby it’s cold outside, but that means frozen ponds and lakes (and indoor ice rinks in any climate, of course), which are perfect for ice skating and hockey. Skating basically means doing a bunch of sprints that melt fat faster than Frosty the Snowman on a spring day. So sharpen those skates and hit the ice. If you can’t gather a team, sprint on the ice or find a friend to race you. Inline skates will do the trick if you live in a warmer location and have no ice rinks nearby, but even sunny Southern California has many year-round indoor rinks and even outdoor seasonal ice rinks to choose from, so do a quick search to find one near you.


Playing an intense game of basketball helps burn belly fat. You can play basketball at a gym or community center this winter. Playing full court is better than casually shooting hoops, of course. A 200-pound person can burn hundreds of calories in one hour of full-court basketball! Plus, if you join a team or have a group of friends counting on you, that makes you accountable to show up and give it your all. The fun factor can be pretty motivating to get you moving too.

For more ideas to change up your routine and burn unwanted calories, get some inspiration from videos like this HIIT with Weights workout.


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