Best Moves to Shape Bellies and Butts

by BeFit Fitness Genie

The best moves to shape bellies and butts target these areas from different angles. Different muscles make up each of these areas, so doing a variety of moves will help you sculpt these areas nicely. Here are a few of our favorite belly blasting and butt boosting moves.

Abdominal Moves

A key element in shaping your abs is to use an approach that works your obliques and rectus abdomens, which runs down the front of your body and can give you that six-pack when developed and not covered by a layer of fat. Sit-ups are a standard rectus abdomens exercise, and you can also strengthen this muscle with planks. But another tummy-toning move involves a stability ball.


Using a stability ball (Swiss ball or Theraball), get into a plank position with your shins and tops of feet on top of the ball. Place hands on floor directly under your shoulders. Raise your hips up into a pike position. The tops of the toes should be on the ball. Pause at top and lower hips. Do 15 reps.

Happy go luckys

This move contracts your obliques and requires no special equipment. Place your hands behind your head, keeping your head up (no pressure behind the neck), and alternate bringing the knees out to the side while bringing the same side elbow down to meet the knee. You can do it quickly like the pace of jogging in place, or modify to a low-impact, slower move. Do it for 30 seconds. This move boosts cardio for some fat-burning benefits.

Plank with knee

Get into a plank position with your shoulders directly over your hands. Bring one knee forward to the same side elbow and back for 30 seconds. Avoid stressing your neck by keeping your eyes focused on the ground. Repeat with the opposite knee. For more intense abdominal work, bring the knee to the elbow, slide it down and up the forearm and then back. Move just the leg and not the back and hips in this move.

You can get more moves to shape bellies with the BeFit Belly Blasters: Sexy 6-Pack Abs Workout floor exercises to sculpt and flatten your abs.

Bellies and Butts Combined

The following move offers a triple threat, working the butt and abs and thighs.

Step back with lunge and rotate

Place your hands behind your head, step back into a lunge with the right leg and rotate the right shoulder slightly towards the left. Alternate with the opposite side. Take care not to put pressure on the back of the neck.


The bottom line when it comes to shaping your backside involves building lean muscle to get a nice, round shape. You’ll want to hit that butt from all angles. Below are two booty-sculpting moves we love. Be sure to check out these other moves to keep your booty bikini-ready year-round.

Rear raisers

These moves target the upper part and outsides of your glutes. Get on your hands and knees. Straighten the left leg, point the toe, and cross it behind the right leg. Tap the floor with pointed toe and squeeze your glute to lift the leg parallel with the floor. Do not arch your back, and keep your tailbone tucked. Do 20 lifts on each side and repeat.

Booty boxes

To target your center glute as well as the upper glute you will get on your hands and knees. Lift your left leg straight behind you. Lift it 4 inches higher and trace a box shape in the air, alternating moving in a clockwise and counter-clockwise direction. Protect your back by keeping your hips angled down throughout the exercise.

If you have a flat butt, you can find more remedies here. You can also follow kick-ass booty lifting and toning moves with the 9-minute Yoga Booty Lift workout.

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