These Easy Tips Are Key to Banishing Belly Bloat

by Lauren Roxburgh

Efficient digestion is the key to radiant health and a flat belly. Bloating, constipation, IBS, and belly discomfort and pain are all signs of a sluggish or stressed digestive track. Enhancing digestion leads to regular elimination, the body’s way of flushing toxins and staying vibrant. When digestion is slow and imbalanced, disease thrives and fat accumulates. Even common colds come from an energy imbalance that begins in the digestive track. To achieve better digestive help you need to follow some tips for banishing belly bloat.

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Luckily, I have some amazing aligned life tips and a rolling sequence that helps improve digestive function (by helping the body move food through the intestines), improve circulation to the belly area and rapidly reduce inflammation. The twisting moves included in this sequence apply gentle pressure to the belly, like an internal massage for our intestines.

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Of course, the food we eat and the supplements we ingest also play a big role in how efficiently we digest our food. This sequence will bring a deeper sense of awareness to your belly and its needs. After a while, we will find ourselves making better nourishment choices, craving less sugar and choosing foods that truly give us life force (or chi). This will also bring a deeper sense of balance, harmony and well being.

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Aligned Life Tips for Banishing Belly Bloat 

  • Drink probiotics. Probiotics are the “good” gut bacteria. Studies show that they can help alleviate digestive problems and boost immunity. These natural microbes can be found as supplements and in cultured foods and yogurts. I love to add organic whole milk, full fat, plain or coconut Organic Lifeway Kefir with no added sugars or flavors to my morning smoothie.Lo Rox 3
  • Try Digestive enzymes! These have helped me in banishing belly bloat and maintaining a flat belly even when I occasionally indulge. They help the body absorb all of the good and eliminate and detoxify the not so good in what ever we eat. I take these with every meal to help my stomach all day long!Lo Rox Extra
  • Sip ginger tea. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties in ginger can relax the belly and calm digestive spasms, relieve gas, nausea, indigestion and even bloating. Chop and peel a few slices of ginger and simmer them in boiling water to make ginger tea.Lo Rox 5
  • Chew fennel seeds or sip fennel tea. Fennel (which tastes like a mild licorice) does an amazing job of relaxing the colon. This remedy has been used in Ayurvedic and European practices for centuries. Snacking on fennel seeds or sipping them in your tea will prevent and treat bloating, constipation and gas. It also helps promote the secretion of digestive enzymes that lower appetite in a healthy way and helps release excess water weight. In India, these seeds are routinely chewed post-meal to promote digestion.Lo Rox 6
  • Bounce. Rebounding is your greatest ally! Rebounding for a few minutes a day enhances digestion and elimination which all help flatten your stomach. Just wait a few hours after eating to avoid bouncing on a full tummy.Lo Rox 7

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