Don’t Let a Fear of Failure Derail Achieving Your Goals in 2017

by Arielle Miller Cohen

It’s a new year, and that means the inevitable onslaught of resolutions from everyone you know, with many focused on fitness and wellness life changes. We all make those promises to ourselves: eating better foods, hitting the gym more frequently, doing that marathon we’ve talked about doing for so long. However, most people don’t really get started on these goals for a simple reason: fear of being a failure.

Sometimes we talk ourselves out of things before we’ve even begun because we are afraid to fail. Other times, we get so comfortable in our own world that we forget to live loudly, enriching our lives with new and unknown adventures. Well, it’s time to get comfortable being uncomfortable and learn that growth happens outside what we think we already know. It is important to keep this in mind in achieving your goals.

Fear is our enemy. For such a short word composed of one teeny syllable, fear sure packs major punch. Fear has the power to control our lives, dictate our choices and paralyze us so that we talk ourselves out of things before we’ve even started. Well, that stops here. Today, we relinquish our fears and those self-imposed chains as we step—no jump—boldly out of our comfort zones and try something new!

Often we fantasize about what we want to do, where we want to go, landing that dream job and so much more. However, what we fail to recognize is that if we want something that we’ve never had, we must do things that we’ve never done. That means, leaving behind what you know and not worrying about what you’ve left behind, but running towards possibility with an open heart, mind and attitude.

We mustn’t allow fear to determine our lives. It will limit us from reaching our highest potential and stagnate us. The time to start living for you has already arrived; it is now. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, try something new, take a trip alone, sign up for a cooking class or finally take that yoga teacher training. So what if in the end you decide that it wasn’t for you? At least you tried. Celebrate your efforts in achieving your goals and having courage. You took a risk on yourself and invested in your personal growth by trying something new. In the end, it may not have been your cure-all but you sure did learn a whole lot of something’s about yourself in the process; so what more could you ask for? Get out there and start leaping out of your comfort zone, for nothing great ever came from comfort zones.

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