5 Ways for Mothers to Stay Motivated

by Lindsay Brin

You have decided this is the year. It is the year to get healthy, to lose weight and to be strong for your kids.  That is the hardest part is starting. And the second hardest part is staying motivated. So I have five surefire ways for mothers to stay motivated and to stay on top of their goals! Try these five quick tips to stay on top of your goals this year and transform yourself into the best you yet!

5 Ways for Mothers to Stay Motivated

  1. Try a 30 Day Program like BeFit 30 Day Fat Burn. You will know what to do each day, you will be accountable and you know the 30 Day program will provide results. It is like a Blueprint for Weight Loss!
  2. Measure yourself. The only way to know how far you have come is to know where you started. This step might scare you, but I promise you will be so happy you had your starting measurements! And seeing the successes in your measurements equals motivation to keep going.
  3. Grab a Buddy. You can help each other stay on track. Has your mom wanted to lose weight? Or your best buddy? Work out together or text each other everyday about accomplishing the workout and staying on track.
  4. Get your nutrition in check. Pairing good nutrition with your workout will provide results twice as fast.  Again results equal motivation. And you can see quick results if your nutrition is on track.
  5. Revisit your goal. Why did you start this journey in the first place? Have you been saying, “If only I could lose these 40 pounds, _____ would be so much better?” or, “I want to do this for my kids,” or, “I want to be healthy as I age.” Write it down. Remember it. Set a meeting in your calendar for your daily appointment with yourself and your goal.

You can do it. Don’t underestimate yourself. Start today—start with finishing this sentence, “I want to make this the year because ____.”  And 30 days from now you will be so happy you did!

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