Fall Into Fitness! 10 Ways to Bust Out of a Fitness Slump

by Sydney Benner

Rut, row! Are you find yourself in a fitness slump this fall? Listen, it can easily happen. Colder months approaching the holidays are often the hardest to self-motivate Questions and excuses like, Where do I find the time? or What workout do I do? start to pop up.  Or, excuses like, I am so tired, I am too busy… Trust me, we’ve heard it all!

Stop, stop and stop! When you feel good, you look good! It doesn’t work the other way around. So get off your desk chair, your couch or out of your car and allow me to share some ways I feel can help get you moving no matter what kind of fitness slump you are dealing with!

How to Bust out of a Fitness Slump

  1. Go outside! It is fall after all, and I find being outdoors in the crisp air with gorgeous, changing colors is extremely inspirational. The weather and beauty surrounding us plays a big role in wanting to feel better.
  2. Grab a friend! You are holding each other accountable, which is a great recipe for success. We want to feel good; we deserve to feel good; and getting healthy with a buddy makes working out less of a chore and more of a party!
  3. Treat yourself!  You deserve it for working hard and staying focused on getting healthy. I don’t mean to endless amounts cake, pizza, and cookies. I mean to that fabulous dress you dreamed of fitting into, or a gorgeous pair of heals that show off your gams. Gift yourself with something that makes you feel your best once you accomplish your fitness goals. You look amazing!
  4. Workout at work! For many of us, we spend more time in front of a computer more than anything else these days, or at least it seems that way. On a break while you are searching your Facebook feed or YouTube, you may often come across an inspirational post here and there.  They move us emotionally and make us want to reach for something. So, get up and take care of YOU! That means on your lunch go for a walk after you eat so you get your endorphins flowing or watch a 5- to 10-minute BeFit video for hundreds of short, effective workouts to choose from that you can do anywhere! You may even motivate others at your office to get moving. How awesome would that be? Anything, yes anything, can be possible with determination, consistency, and passion.
  5. Find a fitness motivator! Whether it is someone like Kate Hudson (actress and co-founder of Fabletics), or someone who has struggled before and picked themselves back up, find someone whose dedication inspires you. Everyone goes through tough times. Even that person who you think may have it all. They have a story too. No one else is you. Try not to compare, but what you can do is find a motivator that makes you want to get up and believe in yourself. I believe in you. There are many workouts through a BeFit Amazon subscription, you can join fitness clubs for an inexpensive price every month, maybe get yourself into a class in your gym, or try a new workout that makes you feel good. I teach about 15 group fitness classes every week, and I see every kind of person walk through the studio doors. It can be scary. I get it. We all want to feel confident. Everyone has a first class and people have different strengths. Take a risk and try it! This could be the start of something new!
  6. Eat healthy!  When we eat heavy, greasy foods, many of us do not feel good. That first bite is awesome and then it’s all down hill from there. Basically what I am saying is, when you eat better you make better choices about your body. Your diet plays a big role in the way you feel and look. When you eat right you will probably be more motivated to workout.
  7. Turn up the music!  Personally, I am moved by music. Music is motivating. In fact, it is so motivating that I created my entire fitness program around music. When you love a song, the beat makes you want to move. Put together your favorite songs and create a playlist for your workouts, then power through with the tunes energizing you!
  8. Create a healthy competition with yourself! It’s fun to have a healthy competition with yourself.  Tracking your calories, heart rate, and sleeping pattern are helpful as you continue your road to health and happiness. Get an activity tracker and try to outdo yourself with each passing day. Grab a group of friends and motivate each other to push yourselves further than ever! It is amazing to see your own goals getting crushed!  Go YOU!
  9. Do things that don’t feel like exercise! Some people just hate the daunting thought of exercise, so take the workout part out of it and find an activity that you enjoy, such as walking around a museum, strolling on the beach or around a park, swimming in a pool, lake, or ocean, or going out for a night of dancing. All of these provide great exercise and you’ll be so distracted by the fun you won’t even notice.
  10. Try something new! There are so many fitness classes and activities out in the world to get you out of a fitness rut. You can often find something fun and exciting that speaks to you. Everything from high intensity to Pilates to Yoga to trampoline classes to FLIGHT, which takes place in a dance club! Try a little taste of everything and stick with your favorites that you find keep you feeling good, motivated, and happy along the way!

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